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Peter Lund

Solid Erlang/OTP programming experience both at design and system management level. Result oriented and an outgoing personality.

Areas of competence

  • Erlang Programing and OTP
  • Unix, Shell scripting, bash, perl
  • Java Programing, Android Studio
  • git, clearcase, cvs, svn, sourcesafe
  • OpenStack, Cloud Ericsson Environment (CEE)
  • Jira, Scrum
  • Continuous Integration, Jenkins
  • Dunning: Invoice and customer management in Kred
  • The SIP protocol, IMS and transcoding of 4G
  • Automatic Device Management
  • GPRS, Packet Data, Control System of the GSN node
  • Programing in C and C++ and object oriented languages
  • Programing in Java using SDK1.3/Swing
  • Design/programming of Corba/IIOP communication
  • Design/programming of the management protocols SNMP och cCMIP
  • Java scripting in management systemsSystem management and technical project coordination
  • Result Oriented Management in project
  • Test&Verification, Test Coordination
  • Object oriented analysis and design

Peter Lund

What I did?
2019 jan - 2019 dec Erlang programing in the CSIM area for Ericsson.
2018 jul - 2018 dec Erlang programing and tech lead for Ericsson IMS/SBG at DEK. Run vSBG in the cloud (OpenStack). Configure EVIP MOs using IMMconfig.
2016 apr - 2018 jun Erlang programming and tech lead at Ericsson IMS/SBG. Porting the EVIP solution from native to virtual and later to the cloud SBG versions.
2015 Oct - 2016 Mar Development of android app prototype
2014 Sep - 2015 Sep Erlang programing at Ericsson IMS/SBG
2013 Sep - 2014 Aug Erlang programming at Klarna within the Dunning area (invoice and customer management)
2011 Sep - 2013 July IMS, Session Border Gateway, SIP and Transcoding at Ericsson
2005 Feb - 2011 July Programing in Erlang at Synapse, Automatic Device Management systems
2004 April - 2005 Jan - Programing in Erlang at ASCOM and of EMN = "Enterprise Mobility Node" (ex Ericsson Mobility Server) for DECT systems. Call Logging, Basic Call, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Three Party Services.
2003 April - 2004 April
- Programming in Erlang at T-Mobile UK i London. TCP Client, SMS Interceptor,  SMPPv3.4, Third Party Gateway (TPG), XML Load Tool, Erlang builds, Traffic SMS
2002 May-2003 March
- Parental leave
2001 Aug-Dec
- Design and programming in Erlang and C in the control system of the Ericsson GSN node. (R'99 implementation)
2001 Mar-June - Ericsson-wide GPRS Test Coordination. All testing of the GPRS service in a multi-node environment needed to be coordinated.
2000 Sep-Dec - CGSN 1.0 maintenance project for Ericsson in Gothenburg
2000 May-Aug - Network Verification in GPRS/GSN Node Operation X-team for Ericsson in Aachen
1999 Feb-June - GUI design and programming using Java, JDK, Swing and CORBA/IIOP for Ericsson in Aachen
1998-Jun 2001 - Technical coordinator with focus on operation and maintenance within Ericsson's GPRS project.
(During this time I had serveral different subassignments listed above.)
- OaM for the ATM switch AXD301.
- Design and programming of the html based management system using Erlang and Java scripting. 
- SNMP interface design and programming 
- Design/programming of tool for Change request handling using PERL 
- System design and programming of Performance Monitoring in a C++ environment
- Test and trouble shooting in C++ environment 
- Worked with the Result Oriented Management process of team at Ellemtel 
- Enginering Physics, KTH Stockholm
- Plex programing in AXE (part time)
July 2011 -
Lundata AB
Feb 2005 - July 2011
Synapse Networks Nordic AB
May 2000 - Jan 2005
Lundata AB
Jan 1998-Apr 2000 Entra/Memtek Development AB
1986- Dec 1997
Ericsson Telecom
  • Used to travel in my job. Weekly commuting and installation trips.
  • Open and social person that likes working in teams.
  • Result oriented personality.
  • Speaks and writes excellent Swedish and English
  • Likes teaching
  • Downhill skiing, fishing and scuba diving are some of my hobbies
  • My family consists of my wife Helen and 3 children

I am reachable on email: tel: